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Our Process

Whilst all our Weddings are personalised to each clients wishes, there are certain inclusions in our planning which are needed for all of our Weddings, regardless of size or nature of it. Below gives a typical list of main inclusions of our Full Wedding Planning Process:

From Day 1 of planning until the Wedding Day

  • Personalised Wedding Planning Timeline that keeps track of activity progress, as well as budget tracking and booked vendor details
  • Venue & Vendor Inspection Days
  • Suggestion of suitable Venues and Vendors to align with client wishes and budget requirements
  • Shortlist, Negotiation and selection of Venue and Vendors
  • Suggestion of Accommodation for guests with access to special rates
  • Communication and Management of all Vendors for Wedding Day details
  • Final Run In Checklist for all required Wedding Day Information
  • Creation, agreement and circulation of Wedding Day Rundown to all necessary parties
  • Creation and circulation of Wedding Day Agenda to Bridal Party and necessary Family members
  • Wedding Day Rehearsal H-1

Wedding Day

  • Experienced and professional Wedding Day Team working side by side with Vendors and Key Wedding parties to ensure the Wedding Day is executed as per Wedding Rundown Plan. 

           For details of Number of Wedding Day Team and what they do, please see FAQ below

  • Arrival on site in time for start of 1st Vendor arrivals and activities (typically this is 9am however the detail of the Wedding Day itself will determine this)
  • Coordination of guest transport from accommodation to venue (If transport services are booked through BDD Weddings Indonesia)
  • Implementation of solutions to any possible issues that may arise including bad weather back up plan
  • Supervision of Vendor loading at end of the evening once the Wedding Day has finished (usually on site until 1am for this)


Answers to our clients most common questions

For our On The Day (OTD) Coordination Only, our Fee is fixed at Rp. 27,500,000, regardless of the number of Guests. For Our Full Wedding Planning our fee is Rp. 40,000,000 for up to 250 Guests and Rp. 50,000,000 for 250 Guests or more

There are a a few key difference between OTD Only and Full Wedding Planning, aside from the price which is mentioned on the previous question.

Firstly is when we get involved in the planning process. This will be no earlier then 3 months before the Wedding Day

Secondly is what we provide and get involved with. With OTD Only you do not get a Personalised Wedding Timeline as we will not be responsible for keeping progress on track before we get involved. Instead we will provide you with a list by vendor category of information and answers you will need to collect from vendors in order for us to have all the required information we need to put together a effective Wedding Plan and Rundown

Finally, in terms of staff, you will see below in the FAQ about the Wedding Day Team we will provide, some staff is not provided compared to Full Wedding Planning inclusions

On average our clients book 1 Year in advance. However we have clients who book almost 2 Years in advance and some who have 6 Months until the big day – which is still enough time to have a relatively stress free planning process. We certainly do not recommend less then this!

From our experience we advise 12 – 18 months in advance to start planning, mainly due to giving yourself enough options based on availability for some of the key Vendors such as Venue and Photography to choose from

Once you are happy to proceed with our planing services, we will create your Wedding Contract for you to review, sign and send back to us. At the same time then, we will require you to send Deposit for 50% of our Planning Fee in order for the planning to begin. The balance 50% is due 30 days before the Wedding Day

Not at all. We have worked with budgets from what is deemed as a small budget to very large budgets. We will always try and suggest Venues and Vendors based on budget without sacrificing quality as much as possible

Yes we are. Whilst we will provide quotes and suggestions with vendors that we know are very good quality and reliable, but also suit your budget and needs, we are open to working with vendors that you have been suggested or like the look of. But of course working with vendors we have never worked with before, increases the potential risk of issues in the planning/on the day – remember Instagram does not show if a vendor is reliable and works well.

We do suggest that any vendor you like the look of, you enquire through us as the planner allowing for us to assess how they respond and potential to achieve some discount from their published prices for you

Again as above, it is preferred that you do book and pay through us for reasons that are beneficial for you the client, such as savings on multiple bank transfer fees and discounts that we as an Event Organiser can offer. If you wish to book and pay certain vendors directly then as long as its agreed between us and yourselves before hand, then it is OK

We can currently only accept Bank Transfers and Cash. Credit Card payments are not possible

Your appointed Wedding Manager who will have been your 1 point of contact most probably from initial enquiry, but most certainly from Day 1 of your Wedding Planning Process.

In the unfortunate event the Wedding Manager was not able to be present for unforeseen reasons such as illness, then this is not a worry. Our Team of Wedding Managers are able to access all information and plans, and as a Team we update Weekly each other on status of all client projects as a best practice if this scenario was to happen

Both Our OTD and Full Wedding Planning include the following Team for up to 250 Guests : 


1 x Wedding Manager (In charge from Day 1 of your Wedding Planning and in charge on the Wedding Day).

1  x Bride Assistant

1 x Groom Assistant

1 x Family Assistant

1 x Food & Beverage Supervisor

1 x Decoration Supervisor

1 x Lighting, Sound & Genset Supervisor

1 x General Runner



For Full Wedding Planning we also include :

1 x Early Morning Assistant (if required)

Up to 4 x Ushers (above 250pax will require more)