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Do I Need a Wedding Organizer?

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Do I need a Wedding Organizer for my Wedding in Bali? These days due to the modern day phenomena known as “the internet”, there is a wealth of information that can assist you with planning and managing your own Wedding, so in actual fact not everybody needs a wedding organizer. Yet, so many couples still use a Wedding Planner/Organizer in Bali, and from the sheer number available, you will see that there is a high need for them. So should you just follow the crowd and hire one today? I can’t answer that for you, but each person, situation and wedding is different… so ask yourself these questions. Is time on your side? Time referring here to both the length of time you have until your big day, as well as the time you personally have available to plan your wedding. We all have our own work and social lives, with varying amounts of free time. Wedding planning can take up a lot of time from the research, to finding vendors and all the last minute confirmations. It’s as much a battle of managing your own activities and time as it is finding the right vendors. There will be mistakes along the way if you are not experienced and these add to the pressure. Wedding organizers help you with this, as they do all the time consuming work for you as well as use their experience to have a smooth planning process. For last minute events they can be a real life saver too!! Are You Local? From experience over the many years in Bali, is that it is full of information on the internet, but not all of it is in detail or relevant. Therefore to find vendors and services that match your budget and needs can be a daunting task. Wedding Organizers (the good ones!!) will have an array of Vendors for varying budget and know the standard of Service provided. If you are living far away or not easily able to get to Bali on a regular basis then a Wedding Organizer is a must. Someone who’ll check out the location beforehand and make sure you’re getting exactly what you want is what you need for your destination wedding here. Budget Available? This is a bit of a double edged sword…and should not be a high priority when considering the need for a Wedding Organizer in Bali. Obviously Organizers costs can be varying, again depending on size of event and what you need. Generally if you overall budget is low then it is worth you trying to organize a lot of the vendor & Services yourself, then have a Wedding Organizer do the later stage coordination and management (a few Organizers will offer this “on the Day” coordination). Having said that off course, most Organizers will have access to discounted prices and can be very helpful in negotiating the cost on your behalf at a cheaper price then if you were to go direct. What are your needs? Not every bride requires a full-service planner. If you’ve already done most of the work yourself, you may want an “On the Day” coordinator who will attend your wedding and resolve any issues that may occur. You can also hire someone for the final weeks leading up to the event. They bring all the pieces of the jigsaw together and take that last minute coordination stress away from you.

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