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Five Important Questions to ask before Planning your Destination Wedding

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Planning a destination wedding is no easy task! It often requires months if not years of elaborate thought and detailed consideration. Unlike traditional and domestic weddings there are variables that go into destination weddings that would not normally demand a bride’s To help brides, grooms and their families, the folks here at Bali Dream Day have put together a list of frequently asked questions and answers on how to better plan your destination wedding! 1.) How Far in Advance Should I plan My Destination Wedding? Be courteous to your wedding party! Although planning a beautiful destination wedding in 1 to 2 months is entirely possible, it’s recommended to give your guest at least 8 to 16 months’ notice. This will allow your guest to book flights and make other travel arrangements at their lowest costs. Furthermore; by giving yourself and your guests’ adequate time to plan you’ll know precisely who will be attending and how many patrons you’ll need to account for. 2.) Who Should I invite & how do I Include those who can’t come? Even through there are a variety of affordable and reasonably priced wedding vendors, there is often an elaborate cost associated with travel fare. Because of this it’s not out of the ordinary for only immediate family and close friends to be in attendance. If you’re looking to get distant relatives and friends of friends involved you might consider holding a reception or a fun and creative wedding bash when you return home. 3.) Do I need a wedding planner? Although, planning a destination wedding on your own is feasible, it isn’t recommended. Getting married is stressful enough, leave it to the experts to plan your perfect day. They’ll know the lay of the land, the venues, the customs, the languages and the legality issues that come with the territory. Furthermore; these individuals will help you avoid any unexpected 4.) How do I Choose Whom to Work With? Not being able to meet your wedding planner in person proposes a major problem for most brides. Fortunately for brides everywhere the internet allows us to read reviews and recommendations to help us identify warning signs! Another great thing to look for is accreditations. In many distant and foreign countries there are legal restrictions that need to be taken into account before getting married. Look for accredited businesses or members of local associations like this one here5.) What should guest pay for? Unless you have some very wealthy friends and family, the bride and groom should shoulder the costs of wedding and reception venues as well as any planned activities. The guest shouldn’t pay for much more than travel fare and accommodations. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact the wedding professionals at Bali Dream Day! We’ll help you plan your perfect destination wedding! 

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