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How to Choose the Right Wedding Organizer in Bali

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Try a Google search for “wedding organizer in Bali” or “Bali wedding planner” and you will see hundreds of results. That’s the great news, there are so many options for you to choose from. The sad fact, however, is that not all of these organizers are of a high quality. The even scarier news is that not all of these are legitimate businesses. To choose the right wedding organizer in Bali means you’ll need to ask the right questions. Do they fill you with confidence? Do they tell you the things you want to hear? We can’t answer those questions for you here, however, we’ve put together a guide of items to look out for and be cautious of. Legally set up Unfortunately a lot of couples that choose a destination wedding in Bali like to bring their own wedding organizer from their home country. Somebody that they either know or feel comfortable with. You can’t blame them. Apart from language barriers that might crop up, couples are able to do a large proportion of wedding planning back home, thus saving costs on multiple flights out to Bali. The problem is this, any company not registered to operate in Bali are doing so illegally. Local governments are cracking down on this as it is estimated that 60 to 70 percent of wedding organizers are doing so. In the Jakarta post it stated that there had been cases of the illegal operators deceiving client’s and running away with their money – more can be read here. When they are not legally set up to operate in Bali then you run the risk of being fined by local authorities as well as if anything goes wrong, you are not able to claim any compensation. What to look out for: at the very least a local number (+62) and office address in Bali. Those with just a inquiry form stay away from Wedding Association Due to the above issue about legal set up, there is now a Bali Wedding Association. This not only ensures that the company is legally set up to operate within Bali but also has a vision to make Bali one of the best wedding destinations in the world. Members of the association share their experiences with each other to learn and take an oath to provide a top quality service to clients. Remember, all members have had to prove that they have legal set up by sending all documentation such as Articles of Association, Certificate of Domicile and Principle Licence. These cannot just be forged to get these a company has had to have gone through the proper legal process. This is not cheap! What to look out for: The Bali Wedding Association Badge on their website. List of members can be found here

Testimonials As with most products and services, you can always find reviews of how previous customers have found the experience. A great website out there at the moment is BrideStory. This is a platform that allows you to compare wedding vendors and see reviews from previous clients. The website has a stringent policy to ensure that no fake reviews are given giving you comfort of mind that the reviews are not a friend or family member. What to look out for: Do your research, spend time on BrideStory, Google searching as well as social media platforms to get a true picture Knowledge Some of the unfortunate things that can happen and you hear nightmares about, are couples being married in Bali only to find out that it is not legal in their country of origin or what they receive on the wedding day not being what they expected. A good and legitimate wedding organizer should know the exact process for the legal marriage for each couple dependent on both their nationality and religion. Ask them what needs to be done. Most of them should have this in their wedding timeline plan that they will manage with you. They should also have a great relationship with well-known vendors. This is to ensure quality for what you receive as well as being able to guide you on what you need. Again, take this a step further as explained in the testimonial section above, and review the vendors they suggest. What to look out for: Initial quotes should take no longer then 48 hours from initial contact and they should be able to explain in detail the process and documents needed for legal marriage in Bali So, look for these four main points when making a decision on your Bali wedding organizer. If they tick off all of these, then you can be pretty sure that your dream day is in good hands. 

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