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Want to Get Married In Bali?

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Forget about Hawaii! Forget about the Bahamas! Bali is the new hip wedding destination! If you’re engaged and looking for a stereotypically mundane or aesthetically boring wedding venue, then read no further because Bali wouldn’t have you… Now, if you’re looking to inspire your guest or perhaps leave them a bit envious, go ahead, pull up a chair and stick around a while. First and foremost, how adventurous are you willing to go? Couples looking to combine romance and a not so subtle dash of mystery and intrigue may choose an “elephant lodge wedding.” Just like it sounds, Alex Haslam and the professional wedding planners at Bali Dream Day have described the experience accordingly. “From atop a Sumatran elephant, couples can exchange vows in elaborate Balinese wedding regalia and other traditional attire. The wedding venue itself is celebrated under a ceremonial javanese gazebo aside an elephant inspired altar.” If you’re the adventurous type, but prefer something slightly less exotic, you may prefer a wedding cliffside or at sea! If you can envision it, the team at Bali Dream Day will make it come true. As any bride knows, there are countless details to consider before any wedding, including and not limited to which wedding invitations to use or which bridesmaid will walk down the aisle with the groom’s unpredictable college roommate. These wedding decisions are often made more difficult when a wedding takes place in a foreign country or place where the customs stray so far from what we’ve come to know. The thing is for foreigners, a wedding in Bali isn’t quite as simple as booking a church and hiring an officiant.  Indonesia has specific requirements for marriage depending on the individual’s religion and even their country of origin. For instance; both parties must declare a religion that is recognized throughout Indonesia: Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist or Hindu are all acceptable religions, the exceptions being atheism and agnosticism. If you’re looking for a totally awesome and exotic wedding abroad it may be worthwhile consulting an industry expert who can cater a wedding to your adventurous spirit while meeting the legal requirements of both countries.

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