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What to Look For in a Top Bali Wedding Planner

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I always get asked by my new clients, “what makes you better than other Wedding Planners?” or “how do I know you are the right Planner for me?” Unfortunately I cannot bend the truth and say that we are the only good Bali Wedding Planner…The truth is that there are a few Wedding Planners in Bali that do a good job, although we believe we deliver services that are “Top in the Industry,” as recognized by the Wedding Industry Experts, where we won the “Best New Wedding Planner” award in Bali, Indonesia (and Top 6 in the world for this category). We also won the “Most Popular Wedding Planning Service in Bali.” But here I hope to help you in identifying some key characteristics that your Bali Wedding Planner should show, in order for you to feel comfortable that you are in the right hands.

1. Responsiveness

You speak to couples that have either been married in Bali, or are in the process of getting married in Bali, and the one consistent complaint that you will find is in regards to how quickly Wedding Planners respond to them, either for initial contact or during the planning process. Whilst you cannot expect Wedding Planners in Bali to respond within a few minutes due to the number of Weddings that occur in Bali, you should neither be experiencing too long a wait. Ultimately what we try to live by as an industry leader is as follows: Initial Contact – Reply within 48 Hours max Initial Quotes – An additional 48 Hours max When a client has decided to go with us, normally there will be a Wedding Planning update minimum every 2 weeks, but depending on the process stage, there may be need for more frequent interaction (i.e. Vendor shortlist, negotiation and selection, or when creating the Wedding Rundown with 2 months to go).

2. Detail

Another item that clients compliment us on is our high level of detail. If you are not getting all the details up front then it can unfortunately lead to hidden of unforeseen costs later on in the planning process, or last-minute decisions that have to be made that may disappoint you on your Wedding Day. In wedding planning services, especially destination weddings, there is a mountain of information and knowledge that is available that the Wedding Planner can present to you. Now if this is done all in 1 email, you will most likely, turn your computer off and give up, because it is too much. There are some key details that you should be expecting at different stages, and they are as follows: Initial Quotation:

  1. Main Item Costs (Photography | Catering | Venue, etc.) – Make sure they include the Service Charge and Tax (net prices).
  2. Event Fees and Secondary Event Fees (if you plan to hold a small event gathering the next day, there will normally be an extra fee involved).
  3. Multiple Venue Options, with Pros and cons of each.
  4. Brochures/Price Lists of Vendors quoted.

Planning Process: Once you have chosen your Wedding Planner you should expect: – A Wedding Contract – that outlines their services, cancellation fees etc. – A Wedding Planning Timeline – covering topics of Main Activity Timeline, Spend & Saving Tracker, Invoice schedule based on Vendor Terms, Final 3 Month Checklist and Table Plan Schematics – to name a few. This Wedding Planning Timeline is what should be communicated on a fortnightly period. – Wedding Day Rundown – one of the most important documents created in the whole process is the minute-by-minute activities and PIC on the wedding day to implement the Wedding Plan.

3. Legal Operation

There are worrying stories that come out of Bali each year in regards to unauthorized and illegally set-up Wedding Planning businesses in Bali, taking a couples’ money for their Destination Wedding, and once they turn up they are no longer around and services have not been booked. Ultimately, there are some key indicators to look for that you should be able to find with ease around the internet and on the Wedding Planner’s website. These are:

  • Phone number. Ideally a landline beginning in +62 361, but a mobile phone number is also a good sign.
  • Business Address. They should have an office in Bali (or minimal in Jakarta) to be able to contact them at.

If the above 2 are missing, and only a contact us form on the Website or email address, then this is an early sign that the Wedding Planner may not be legitimate.

  • Portfolio and Reviews. You can tell Images that are just pictures taken from Stock Picture websites such as Shutterstock. They should have a Portfolio and some reviews on their website.

If the above 3 are ticked, then you are most probably talking to a legitimate Wedding Planner. However, one other key item to look for is to ensure that the Bank name that you submit payment to is not a personal one, rather a Business one. All businesses in Indonesia that are legally set up will have a bank account, and will have a “PT.” prefix, for example: PT. Bali Dream Day Finally, what you could ask for, just for that final bit of security, is Legal Documentation of the company set up. Obviously this may be seen by the Wedding Planner that you do not trust them, and may upset them a bit, but they should be able to show you a copy of the:

  • Principle License
  • Articles of Association

4. Knowledge of the Small Things

A top Wedding Planner in Bali will have an extensive knowledge on big and small items that make a difference to your Wedding Day. If they seem unsure, or are not able to back up what they are saying, then be cautious… Items such as the Sunset Time, Direction, Weather in the month you plan to get married, Distance of Venue from main areas such as Kuta and Seminyak, are some of the items that if they get wrong, could make a big difference to the experience on your Wedding Day.

5. Willingness to Negotiate

Normally top Wedding Planners in Bali will do many weddings in a year, and use high-level vendors, and because of this, they will create very strong relationships with the vendors. Within reason, wedding planners should be able to get you better prices then what you could get if you went to the vendors directly. Now this won’t always be the case, and a big influencer will also be the number of guests that you have, but the Wedding Planner should show a willingness at least to negotiate with vendors on your behalf. After all, this is one of the key things you are paying for. Those that say there is no way of getting a cheaper price, and that it is the same fixed price for everybody is lying…apart from some venues, where this is actually true…they are not worth dealing with, and you will find that in some instances, they will be putting the prices up. Contact Us at Bali Dream Day today and let us be your choice for professional Wedding Planners in Bali. We will organize the perfect Destination Wedding Package for you, and will make your special day truly something to cherish!

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