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Bali Customs and Culture

 September 22, 2014
For those of you who are like myself and lack certain geographical knowledge… Here’s a fun fact: Bali is located on the western point of the Lesser Sunday Islands off the coast of Indonesia, making it the largest tourism destination throughout the country. The island itself is built off of the Coral Triangle and can call itself home to a highly diverse population of coral dwelling species. More so and perhaps more appropriately for us mammals, Bali is widely known for its traditional arts including and not limited to music, painting, sculpting & dancing. Seeing how this is a destination wedding blog, Bali Is home to a robust collection of customs and culture and is the perfect venue for the exotic wedding. That being said, let’s take a second to explore what Bali has to offer outside of our limited wedding niche! Black Sand Beaches Located on the North and West sides of the island are a number of beaches blanketed in black sand. Bali Is home to Mount Agung, an active volcano that last erupted in 1963. When molten lava contacts water it fragments and forges the phenomenon we can enjoy and experience today! I would caution anyone who goes to these bizarre beaches to come equipped with a pair of sandals. The heat absorbed by the sun will surely do a number on your toes! Mount Agung is a place of great significance to the Balinese. Agung has a dramatic impact on the climate and is believed by many Balinese to replicate the central axis of the Universe. During your stay you may notice that your hotel or resort fixes the head of your bed towards the mountain. Bali is home to a variety of wonders… For instance, a visitor may notice that new born babies are carried everywhere across the island. Tradition holds that newborns are not allowed to touch the ground until they turn three months of age. Furthermore; Bali is home to an intense tooth-filling ritual. This event marks the transition from adolescence to adulthood. This ritual will help ward off evil spirits, helping individuals become more exquisite internally and externally. You see there is much more to Bali than what meets the eye! Bali is the perfect destination for those looking to be part of something greater than themselves. A traveler will inevitably witness a strong sense of community that is used to identify the islander’s unique culture and customs.
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