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Local Traditions and Customs of a Destination Wedding in Bali

 September 22, 2014
Bali is a culturally rich and diverse island off the cost of Indonesia, making it a popular destination wedding spot. If you’re interested in getting married in Bali, there’s more to experience than just the breathtaking views. Balinese weddings are quite the sight to behold. Here, a festive and bright celebration consist of the civil ceremony, the religious ceremony and the celebration that embraces local traditions and customs. One of my favorite local traditions is vested in the idea of community. For instance; Wedding Planners in Bali will tell you that while invitations may be sent, it’s more common for entire neighborhoods to be invited to the wedding or event. Invitations in Bali are more of a formality, where as in the Western countries, invitations are a social norm. The post-wedding celebration often includes a large group of friends, family and community leaders – sometimes up to 50 community leaders will attend and speak at a wedding celebration. There, the party starts with speeches from both families, followed by a receiving line, where guests all come to shake hands with family members of both the bride and the groom. There are other differences as well, for instance Bali wedding ceremonies can be very long – eight hours or longer. To avoid the mundane, friends and family often invest their time and money in preparing costumes, cuisine and everything else that a fantasy wedding entails! What’s even more interesting is these costumes, traditions and apparel at a Balinese wedding differ depending on the cultural background of the bride and groom. Bride, groom and family members may be clad in any variety of textiles – batik or kebaya are popular option – depending on the ethnic customs and cultures they represent. If you’re looking for a standard wedding, chances are Bali isn’t for you. A destination wedding in Bali is a great place to let loose and explore customs and cultures very different from your own. To learn more about new cultures, new traditions and of course to make wonderful memories contact the seasoned professional wedding planners at Bali Dream Day.
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